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Review your health and asthma and discuss how the Buteyko Breathing Technique will relieve your asthma symptoms.

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Follow the 3 step process below to schedule your Comprehensive Breathing Evaluation.

Consultation   and   Comprehesive   Breathing   Evaluation

Start your journey to relieve your asthma symptoms today.  The first step is a consulation with me where I will do a comprehensive evaluation of how you breathe. The cost of this consulation is $75 and takes about 60 - 75 minutes to complte. During the consultation we will:
  • Discuss your asthma, your medications, your asthma's triggers and situations that make your asthma worse.

  • Do a breathing test to ensure the Buteyko Breathing Technique will help relieve your asthma symptoms.
  • Discuss how the program works and the commitment you'll need to make to be successful.
  • Answer all your questions.
  • Schedule your appointments to learn and apply the Buteyko Breathing Technique.

Evaluation sessions can be arranged at a time convenient for you. To request one, just click on the red "Click! To Schedule" button to the right and follow the defined steps.

Based on your evaluation and discussion, I will design a custom training program to best address your asthma.   The Standard Program, used by most of my clients, involves six sessions working with me.   The first five sessions are completed over four weeks and the sixth session is a review one month after the 5th session.  Please note that severe asthma and other health conditions may require the Extended Program involving additional sessions.   Here's what the standard six session program looks like:

  • Session #1: Learn the theory behind Buteyko Breathing Technique and learn the first two breathing exercises.
  • Session #2: Learn the remaining exercises and how to apply them to your daily routine.
  • Session #3: Review of your progress and ensure you are doing the exercises correctly. Advance you to Level 2 exercises.
  • Session #4: Review of your progress. Advance you to Level 3 exercises.
  • Session #5: Review of your progress. Discuss your options to a) maintain your current results or b) move to Level 4 exercises.
  • Session #6: Conduct a one month follow up session to check your progress.